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"Jesus Loves All The Little Children of The World"

Children are generational treasures.
Nothing is sweeter or more valuable than parenting a child and hearing the utterance of his/her first spoken words! Think of the powerful impact their utterance has on you. Then, think of the influence you have to encourage a child “In the way he/she should learn and grow”, by the words you speak to them. Firstly, have they heard that Jesus loves them and will never leave them? Secondly, we must think about, how we communicate the overtaking of today’s moral culture in everyday living and circumstances. Without your wise guidance, how else could they be anything but confused by what must be, “rickety-wonky” instability for a lot of them! We must keep “the village” intact to keep our kids feeling secure during such an unimaginable time as this. Starting with education, which is a very hot topic in the news. in every conversation about education reform, we must not fail to realize, it simply is not possible without the family’s input to the equation. That is why we developed the “Train-Up-A-Child” legacy program to help the family preserve a resilient future for our children. Designed to lay the foundation for children to know God their heavenly Father, his son Jesus, and the love he has for them. Because let’s face it; our youth in some cases spend more time exposed to the way of the world than they do in the traditional family environment.
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Success begins at home!

Clearly, they should know what hate is, and what hate does verses what love is, and what love does. They should understand respect for authorial protocol, beginning with respect for the authority of their parents. Let’s work on creative ideas to reach our children so they can understand these foundational time- tested principles for raising them in the way they should go.
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The good news is…you’re not alone. Our goal is to help build the strong foundation with positive unforgettable adventures!

Expressly, directed toward our college community, whom we rely on for our nations’ future guiding distinction. We believe young people all over the world require guided responsiveness from strong families underpinning future peace. And, that’s how THE LOVE FOREVER GLOBAL GENERATION can help to make home the best place for children to learn and grow.
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